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Mentee applications are now closed until August 2024
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Why should I have a CityBuddy?

A CityBuddy is a second or third year student on your course who will mentor you in your first term.

They are there to show you all that City has to offer, answer any questions you may have and provide a valuable insight into studying on your course.

Course insight

Find out what it is like to study your course from a second or third year student.

Questions answered

A CityBuddy will answer any questions you may have about starting university - even before you arrive.

Instant friend

Arrive at City with the confidence that you already know someone at the University.

Confidence boost

You'll get the best study tips from students on your course.

Exclusive events

Get an invite to exclusive events - including our CityBuddies Café.

Activity guide

Have a personal guide to the University showing you all that City has to offer.

Our success stories

It is good to have support from a student like you. It’s very useful because you feel free to talk and they know how you feel because they have been through the same things as you. Ivan has been very kind. He is always there if I need to ask any questions or if I need reassuring.

Mentor and mentee together.
Ivan & Sara

I had a great experience with Sangita as my mentor. She helped me not only academically but all the problems that I had at uni. She went above and beyond the expectations of a typical mentor. I wanted to provide that experience to someone else.

Mentor and mentee together.
Sangita & Ayesha

When I met Diana, she was so friendly and I got more from the experience than I was expecting. As an international student she understood how I felt and having her as a friend made me feel much less nervous about starting university.

Mentor and mentee together.
Diana & Claudia-Gabriela

It's been good to have someone who has been through the first year of the Law programme who I can reach out to and I can always ask questions. Maro is very friendly and super welcoming. It's made my experience of City really positive.

Mentor and mentee together.
Maro & Sarah

Frequently asked questions

What happens after I apply?

If there are available mentors on your course, we will match you within three working days. If not, you will be placed on our waiting list and matched if one becomes available.

How long does the CityBuddy scheme run for?

The scheme runs from August until Feburary though many students choose to stay in contact throughout their time at City and beyond.

Who is eligible to apply?

All undergraduate students starting their studies in August/September 2023 are eligible to apply. Unfortunately, we do not offer mentors to postgraduate students.

How will I contact my mentor?

Initially your mentor will introduce themselves by email but you can both decide how to stay in contact. We recommend that you meet them in person for the best experience.

How will I be matched with a mentor?

You will be matched with with a student who is studying on your course. The process is randomised and on a first come first served basis.

Can I choose who my mentor is?

No, you will be randomly matched with someone that is studying on your course either from Year 2 or Year 3.

Applications for new undergraduates open in August 2024