Your own personal guide to studying at university.

Why should I have a CityBuddy?

A CityBuddy is a second or third year student on your course who will mentor you in your first term.

They are there to guide you around the University, show you all City has to offer and provide a valuable insight into studying on your course.

Course insight

Find out what it is like to study your course from a second or third year student.

Questions answered

A CityBuddy will answer any questions you may have about starting university - even before you arrive.

Instant friend

Arrive at City with the confidence that you already know someone at the University.

Confidence boost

You'll get the best study tips from students on your course.

Exclusive events

Get an invite to exclusive CityBuddies events - including our Welcome Week Café and Buddy Ball.

Campus tour

Have your own personal guide to the University showing you all that City has to offer.

“One of the scariest things about going to university is not knowing what is in store, and having a CityBuddy immediately eradicates that.

As the weeks drew near to my first day of university, I was honestly terrified - but as soon as I got talking to my CityBuddy, discussing everything from how to cope with the new workload and staying awake in those 9 am lectures after a somewhat blurry night out to where are the best places to eat, all of those worries disappeared.

Honestly the best thing about having a CityBuddy, is that you get a friend. That's exactly what a new student needs.”

Danisha, BSc Accounting and Finance

“Adapting to a new environment can be really difficult especially if it's your first time away from home. Even as a new student from London, having a CityBuddy to guide me at the University and all that is going on was a massive help.

I was able to enjoy my first university days and adapt easily with the help of my CityBuddy. Having someone to help me figure things out made my adjustment an enjoyable learning process and we are now great friends.”

Aaron, BSc Management

“I remember how lost and confused I felt when I first started university, especially as I didn't know anyone on my course. I found having a CityBuddy very helpful during the first few weeks as I was able to ask any questions that I may have had, for example, where a particular room or lecture theatre is, or how to check my timetable.”

Suchita, LLB Law

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