Could you help a new student settle in at City?

Going to university is an exciting time but it can also be hard work.
Your challenge is to give students a head start by supporting them in their first term.
Ready to make a difference? Be a CityBuddy.

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Why should I become a CityBuddy?

As a CityBuddy you'll be a second or third year student who will mentor new students on your course in their first term.

You'll give them a head start by guiding them around, showing them all City has to offer and providing a valuable insight into your own experience of studying on your course.

Gain experience

Develop your skills and become more employable.

Be an inspiration

Mentoring new students is a unique opportunity to be a role model at City.

Meet new people

As part of the experience you'll get to know people on your course.

Confidence boost

You'll get a great feeling as a role model for new students.

Help students succeed

Supporting students in their first term will make a big difference to them.

Exclusive events

Get an invite to exclusive CityBuddies events - including our Winter Ball.

“Being a CityBuddy gave me the opportunity to develop the skills I needed to show employers that I was a confident leader and role model. Being responsible for helping new students join City was a big challenge for me but, through students looking up to me for answers, I felt more confident in my own abilities. Plus I got to make a few new friends!”

Adam, BSc Civil Engineering

“Having a CityBuddy is beneficial to a new student because, personally, you instantly have someone there to guide you through the unknown; that is university. One of the scariest things about going to university is not knowing what is in store, and having a CityBuddy immediately eradicates that- something which I experienced for myself. As the weeks drew near to my first day of university, I was honestly terrified- but as soon as I got talking to my CityBuddy, discussing everything from how to cope with the new workload and staying awake in those 9 am lectures after a late night, to where are the best places to eat, all of those worries disappeared. Honestly the best thing about having a CityBuddy, is that you get a friend. That's exactly what a new student needs. ”

Danisha, BSc Accounting and Finance

“Having the chance of being mentored by a CityBuddy, I greatly believe in the difference they can make. Starting university can be potentially a stressful time for college students as well as those who return to education after a gap. Knowing that someone is there to help who too has been through your journey is a very comforting feeling. CityBuddies can not only provide emotional support but also guide about the 'dos and don’ts' of the relevant course. Moreover, they can also help the freshers settle by giving them revision and settling in tips.”

Suchita, BSc Psychology

Ready to make a difference as a CityBuddy?

To qualify as a CityBuddy you must attend an assessment centre and training session.
Successful applications are subject to references.
For more information about the role please email

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