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Boost your employability and make a difference by supporting a new student in their first term.

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Why should I become a CityBuddy?

As a CityBuddy you'll be a second, third or fourth year student who will mentor new students on your course in their first term.

You'll give them a head start by guiding them around, showing them all City has to offer and providing a valuable insight into your own experience of studying on your course.

Gain experience

Develop your skills and become more employable.

Be an inspiration

Mentoring new students is a unique opportunity to be a role model at City.

Meet new people

As part of the experience you'll get to know people on your course.

Confidence boost

You'll get a great feeling as a role model for new students.

Help students succeed

Supporting students in their first term will make a big difference to them.

Exclusive events

Get an invite to exclusive CityBuddies events - including our Welcome Week Cafe.

Our success stories

CityBuddies has changed my view of university. It isn't just a place that I go to study and go back home afterwards. There's a feeling of community when you're a part of the scheme.

Mentor and mentee together.

I have really enjoyed being a CityBuddy Mentor and I have made a new friend. It feels really good to be able to help another student and realise how much you have learned and achived at university already.

Mentor and mentee together.

Sharing your experience with someone and helping them get the best out of their three years at City is the most beautiful thing you can do as a student. I have had some wonderful experiences on the CityBuddy programme.

Mentor and mentee together.

Both as a CityBuddy Mentor and Leader, I've had the opportunity to take part in fun events and activities on campus and make lots of friends along the way. I'm proud to have shaped someone's university experience.

Mentor and mentee together.

Become a Leader with CityBuddies.

As a CityBuddy Mentor, you'll also have the chance to take on a paid leadership role through our CityBuddy Leader programme.

Being a Leader gives you the opportunity to work on CityBuddies projects, be an ambassador to other students and shape the future of the scheme.

I signed up to become a mentor through a CityBuddy Leader. What they were doing seemed like such a good opportunity. I also wanted to share the benefits of the programme. Being a Leader has been my best experience at university so far. It has given me lots of confidence and I have really enjoyed it. I've made so many new friends across City.

Mentor and mentee together.

Frequently asked questions

What happens after I apply?

You'll be invited to our Mentor Skills Workshop to learn more and meet other candidates. Successful candidates will be given access to the new mentor training videos and matched with new students.

How long does the CityBuddy scheme run for?

You are expected to be available for contact from August 2024 until February 2025. Though many choose to stay in touch long after this!

Do I need any previous experience?

You do not need to have any previous experience. All the guidance you need will be provided to you through our online training programme.

Who is eligible to apply?

All undergraduate students that are expected to continue their studies in September 2024 are eligible to apply. This does not include placement year.

How will I contact my mentees?

After being matched via email, you will exchange contact details. It is up to you how you choose to contact each other.

Will it be a lot of work?

Not at all! Usually mentors will contact their matched students a few times during the first term.

How will I be matched with students?

You will be matched with new undergraduates joining your course from August and the matching process is random.

How often do I have to contact my mentee?

Usually mentors will contact their matched students a few times during the first term to make sure their arrival at City is going well.

Should I be at City during August or September?

You do not need to be physically present at City to take part. Initial contact with your mentees will be through email.